Polish Association For Persons with Intellectual Disability

about us.

Polskie Stowarzyszenie na rzecz Osób z Niepełnosprawnością Intelektualną (Polish Association For Persons with Intellectual Disability, hereafter PSONI) harmoniously combines modern approaches with the Association’s past. Good past.

Our modern approach to people with intellectual disability is reflected most of all in our belief in the persons’ positive potential and development capacities made possible through education, rehabilitation and participation in peer groups. We also believe that persons with intellectual disability should enjoy a maximum of normal life within local communities beside developing as much autonomy and independence as possible. All this is facilitated by providing individual support tailored to the individual’s type of disability, its level and complexity.

The Association combats all forms of discrimination against people with intellectual disability in order to enable them to enjoy the totality of human rights and life with dignity.

Our good past means a continuation of activities undertaken by the parents of children with profound intellectual disabilities who, stranded in their efforts and devoid of any assistance from the communist state, started the Committee of Aid to Children with Special Needs at the Polish Society of the Friends of Children in 1963. Basing on the Committee’s collective wisdom, values and experience, a new independent Association was created in 1991, taking advantage of the changed political circumstances.