Polish Association For Persons with Intellectual Disability

supported employment.

PSONI promotes supported employment. The Association has created a concept and a network of Centres for Vocational Advisory and Support of Persons with Intellectual Disability (the Polish acronym is DZWONI, which also means the sound of a bell ringing).

DZWONI Centres provide comprehensive job intermediary services as well as suport in transition from therapeutical facilities or schools to supported employment. The professionals employed by DZWONI Centres bridge the gap between employers and disabled employees: they accompany persons with intellectual disability until they reach the point of complete independence at work. PSONI also manages Vocational Activation Centres aimed at the persons who would otherwise not find employment on the open labour market. Such persons require increased support levels from therapists and instructors working at these social economy facilities.

Employees with intellectual disability prove to be excellent workers in catering services, cleaning and housekeeping (e.g. in hotels and parks) and many other areas of professional activity.