Polish Association For Persons with Intellectual Disability

inclusive education.

PSONI promotes inclusive education with careful, individually tailored support. The Association also manages specialist educational facilities for the children who would otherwise not be accepted by the existing educational system, i.e. kids with profound intellectual disability and complex disabilities.

The Centres enable the persons to go out of their family homes and establish contacts with the broader environment and peers, become involved in group work as well as participate in various classes. Polskie Stowarzyszenie na rzecz Osób z Niepełnosprawnością Intelektualną claims that people with intellectual disability should participate in different forms of lifelong learning – tailored to their level of disability, individual capacities, age and living conditions.

Children aged 3 to 24 are covered by:

  • diagnosis, development of a co-ordinated individual programme, therapy and rehabilitation,
  • pre-school care or provision of compulsory school education,
  • evaluation i.e. regularly renewed diagnoses and appropriate programme modifications,
  • nursing care, transport and provision of food.