Polish Association For Persons with Intellectual Disability

our campaigns.

PSONI consistently acts in favour of a change in perception of people with intellectual disability: from passive, in need of care, suffering and unpredictable to empowered individuals with the right to work who live in integrated settings and are beneficial to the society.

In 2008, after a sociological research on the perception of people with intellectual disabilities in the Polish society, the campaign “One element of disability can be passed on… its passion and joy of life” was launched by the leading advertising Agency TBWA. Later in 2009, the Agency was awarded the world’s most renowned advertising industry prize (the Effie) for the campaign.

One of the most spectacular forms of image promotion are the May celebrations of the Day of Dignity of Persons with Intellectual Disability, organised by PSONI’s Local Groups. Disabled persons along with their families and friends take part in marches, festivities, picnics, games and – last but not least – in meetings with local authorities and thematic conferences.