Polish Association For Persons with Intellectual Disability

awards & commendations.

PSONI has frequently been awarded prizes for its activity, including: the award of the Pro Publico Bono competition – the honorary title of the Institution of the year 2002 and PFRON (the Polish State Rehabilitation Fund) laureate for the best vocational rehabilitation projects for people with disability (2006).

PSONI’s Honorary President, Ms. Krystyna Mrugalska received the Medal of St. George in 1998, granted for “struggle against the evil and persistent construction of the good in social life; awarded to people who are particularly sensitive to poverty, inequality and injustice and who express this sensitivity through actions”.

PSONI has also established its own medal: “Fideliter et Constanter” (“The Faithful and the Tenacious”), awarded to persons who have served the Association with particular dedication – predominantly members from the Association’s Local Groups as well as scientists who co-operate with PSONI or journalists who promote the Associati on’s mission in the media.

Representatives of public authorities or local government receive PSONI’s Honorary Diplomas along with the Sphere of Perfection “for creating conditions enabling persons with intellectual disability to develop and enjoy their civil rights, for supporting the persons in their lives and their local communities, for their care, responsibility, respect and knowledge – their creative love”.